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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 1, 2018 10:00pm-10:44pm PST

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oh, yeah. au revoir, alex! next stop -- paradise city! alex: guns n' roses. this is the 10 pm news on ktvu fox 2. a trip to los angeles turned frightening because of this, a greyhound bus catches fire on east bay freeway while it's in motion. good saturday evening, everyone. i am alyana gomez. >> i am andre senior. we begin with a developing story, this is coming out of the east bay, we will show the
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picture again. look at this, the greyhound bus 5:30 pm this evening. burned to its shell, eastbound lanes of oakland's busy 580 freeway, you can imagine how many cars were driving by as it happened. believe it or not, miraculously, all of the passengers on board made it off and not hurt. the developments coming into the newsroom right now. we have a reporter on the scene gathering details. rob malcolm at the oakland greyhound bus terminal. the people on the bus were transported there. >> reporter: the passengers on the greyhound bus that caught on fire very here courtesy of fhp. they were ab the bus left the san francisco
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terminal and was going toward los angeles when it caught fire on the eastbound 580 freeway. what we heard from chp, the fire started in the rear of the bus and chp responded quickly and oakland fire did also. chp told us tonight and some of the witnesses at the oakland downtown terminal -- are fully engulfed in flames, it was the end of the line for this greyhound bus decorated and left burning on the shoulder of 580 eastbound 5:30 pm saturday night. >> it was coming from the ssgers nd terminal in san on board including the driver when the problem started at the rear of the bus. >> it was an engine malfunction, smoke coming out of the back of the bus. the driver pulled over on the right on eastbound 580, just
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west of state route 24. >> reporter: oakland fire arrived quickly on scene and maintenance crews from caltrans to manage the traffic backup which extended three miles. chp drove the evacuated passengers to oakland's downtown bus terminal where they were able to continue on to los angeles. >> a police officer pulled up, we did not know what was going on, six people get out and i asked them, what are you doing? they said the bus caught on fire. they got on another bus and had to wait a couple hours. there are many upset people. i'm glad nobody got hurt. >> reporter: with the fire extinguished, a tow truck reconducted there. for the seven passengers and driver, this had to be a harrowing experience. >> you're on the bus, trying to
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relax, waiting for a long trip ahead of you, next thing you know, your bus is catching on fire. i can imagine it is pretty terrifying. >> reporter: back your life, the woman that witnessed the passengers dropped off by chp, none of them had luggage. one look at the images from the bus fire, you can easily see everything was lost. the silver lining, no one lost their lives rob malcolm with ktvu fox 2 news. >> incredible pictures and video from the scene. thank you for that report. the 41st president of the united states, george hw bush passed away last night at the age of 94. his passing comes nearly 8 months after his wife of 73 years, barbara bush died at their home in texas. scular parkinson's since 2012
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which is a disease that causes problems with the vessels in the brain and hindering mobility. the american flag over the white house is flying half staff following the former presidents death, it was lower this morning. it was also lowered at the state capitol in sacramento. the white house issued a proclamation ordering the american flag be flown at half staff at all public buildings and grounds along with military posts and naval stations for 30 days in remembrance of president bush. people all over the bay area mourn the death of george hw bush including san francisco's former mayor. he and president george hw bush met after the earthquake. to ho president and remember how he helped the region bounce back after that tragic day. >> reporter: news footage from october 1989 shows president george hw bush from the loma prieta earthquake.
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this was the mayor at that time. >> shortly after the shaking stopped, he came to inspect the damage, not only in san francisco, oakland and throughout the bay area. >> reporter: the democratic mayor road with the republican president in marine force one looking at the collapsed section of the bay bridge and the city's marina district. he keeps this picture from that day in his home. they were surrounded by other familiar faces including willie brown and nancy pelosi. >> this was important to me because our city was a very blue city politically. none of that came through with his attitude or his administration. he wanted what was best for the recovery of our city and people and that showed. >> reporter: this was the first and only time he met, it
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changed the city as we know today. the president offered disaster support from fema, federal funding allowed his plans to tear down the elevator embarcadero freeway and replace it with the tree-lined waterfront, a controversial project at the time. >> our city recovered quickly because of the cooperation of the federal government under president bush. >> reporter: speaker of the house nancy pelosi tweeted this picture calling bush a wonderful man. incoming governor gavin newsom said he exemplified public service through decency, civility and honor. in a statement, governor jerry brown set our thoughts are with the bush family tonight, america has lost a true public servant. >> alyssa harrington with ktvu fox 2 news. >> leaders from around the ghts the bush family today, president clinton said he will remember his friendship with mr. bush as one of life's greatest gifts. president obama called him a patriot and humble servant.
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the german chancellor offered words about the legacy mr. bush leaves behind. >> he is one of the fathers of -- we will never forget that. >> president george hw bush had the distinction of being one of three presidents to receive knighthood from queen elizabeth. the world family -- royal family expressed their condolences and called him a great friend and ally of the united kingdom. stomach citizens across the country mourn the loss of the 41st president. we are joined by lauren blanchard in washington with more on bush's legacy. >> reporter: we are outside the bush compound in houston, texas. the world is reflecting on the life and legacy of george hw bush. the former president passed away friday night at the age of 94 years old. the oldest president in american history. americans remembering bush as a
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dignified statement and >> he was a true renaissance man, great gentleman, diplomat and great ambassador for the u.s. >> reporter: and navy pilot, he signed up for military service after the pearl harbor attack in 1945, he met barbara, a marriage that lasted 73 years and they had six children. >> war hero, gentleman, statement. >> reporter: he joined ronald reagan on the republican ticket in 1980 as his running mate, serving two terms as vice president before winning the gop nomination for president in 1988. >> my first thought, a very compassionate man had passed o was a beacon of humanity. >> reporter: in his time as commander-in-chief, he oversaw a time of momentous change across the world including the collapse of the soviet empire and the gulf war in the early 1990s, defending kuwait from invasion by a rock. >> seven months ago, america
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and the world drew a line in the sand and tonight, america and the world have kept their world -- word. >> reporter: you will lie in state in the u.s. capital monday. a state funeral will be held wednesday at the national cathedral in washington where president trump is expected to attend. before his body is flown back to texas. on thursday, president george hw bush will be honored in a funeral here in houston following that, body up to his body will light arrest in college station. part in the cold war and ridding kuwait since 1988, december 1 husband dedicated as world aids day, an event held today at the national aids memorial grove in san francisco to remember the millions of people that died
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from the disease. and show to support to those living with it. several people honored for their work in preventing the spread of hiv and working to break the stigma often attached to those living with a terminal illness. one of the honorees, the re- collectors project founded by two women that lost their father to aids. >> receiving this award validates our community which is so often feeling invisible with the history of aids. our unique experiences are worthy of consideration and helps us memorialize our parents in a new way. >> a boulder to honor parents who died of aids. so far, they have raised 3000 of the $10,000 needed for the engraving and dedication. today, state senator scott weiner of san francisco released a statement on world aids day, hiv is still epidemic and we must continue our work
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to get to zero. zero new hiv infections, zero hiv related deaths and zero hiv stigma. the senator went on to say we have made many strides but much work remains. recovering from a massive earthquake that shook alaska yesterday, what happened decades ago that may have prevented widespread disaster. steph curry returns to the court after missing 11 games with a groin injury. it is welcome but not enough to end the losing streak. a northern california starbucks accused of racism. why one customer was outraged. in whether the, the third storm of the week moved in and out. we let you know when we track the next chance of rainfall in the next five day forecast.
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aftershocks felt in parts of alaska after yesterday's magnitude 7.0 earthquake that rattled encourage. surveillance video shows the moments buildings and homes were struck. alaska's strict building codes damage. they were 9.2 magnitude earthquake, the strongest on record in the u.s. it led to the enforcement of the strict building codes. >> i would characterize this as a demonstration that anchorage is prepared for these kind of
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emergencies. i would characterize this as demonstration of what the city should be about, people pull together, follow the parent lens -- plans in place, look after one another. >> no reports of major injuries or death. today, the butte county sheriff's office said the number of missing from the campfire stands at 25. a community meeting for survivors of the wildfire was held in woodland today. representatives from the governor's office of emergency services and fema talked to people, many of whom lost their homes. they mainly spoke about disaster recovery and the help available to them. officials were available to answer questions. >> this is the opportunity for the survivors to come here and register with fema or follow-up on the application process and get more information with other resources out there we can provide. >> another community meeting scheduled 6:30 pm at the southside community center.
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in the face of devastation, we spoke with two sisters from paradise that lost their homes in the paradise -- fire. >> reporter: since november 8, the life of this mother of four has been turned upside down. >> the last three weeks, every day is living minute to minute in chaos. >> reporter: she made the commitment to run the california international marathon, a promise she had to keep after escaping the campfire and finding out her home and family business were no longer standing. >> i've had so many people tell me it is a good time to not opp the fire literally took everything, our home and business, my jobtook everything i had a choice, i could do it in spite of it. >> reporter: her sister, kimberly lost her home and business to. >> it's hard when you don't
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have the same structured routine and be able to know i meeting my sister to go for a run today and we are still going to do it. >> reporter: training four has given them something to look for two, escaping the tough reality their neighborhood is gone. >> we are happy to have something. >> for 26 miles, i will have nothing to think about but myself, the fresh air the runner's high and zoning out. >> reporter: today to check in at the sacramento convention center, the sisters got a small piece of what was lost in the fire. >> they have them and brought them today. we got our first metals back. >> reporter: the association provided replacement metals to the sisters from their ra in 20 runners from everywhere show their support. >> my shoes and clothes has been donated to help us get here to do this. >> reporter: these fire victims look forward to crossing the finish line. it's more than a race, this time cim symbolizes rising from
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the ashes and new beginnings. >> crashing -- crossing the finish line, one more thing of mine that was not taken. >> we will cross the finish line, that cannot be taken away from us. we are marathon runners now. the third storm of the week moved out of the area, not the strongest, it produced significant rainfall in portions of the northbay. santa rosa with almost an inch, .90. livermore .32, oakland over 1/4 of an inch and the amounts dwindling. san jose with .15. into the early portion of the afternoon. we saw the sunny throughout the toward the sea air, winter st midnight. you can see the action from
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today with the issues traveling on the roadways, especially interstate 80. one report showing six inches of snow, earlier this morning at 8:54 am around tahoe city. the sierra ticking up beneficial snowfall with the storm sequence. these are colder systems, the snow levels coming down 3500 to 4000 feet. in the bay area, clear to partly's guys, the rain showers for the most part have moved out of town, pretty chilly. current numbers, 4to0s report, napa 42, san francisco 52 degrees and san jose at last check reporting 50. this embarcadero and holiday lights in the distance. we get a bit of a break in the rainfall tomorrow. bundle up, we can have patchy fog and frost first thing tomorrow morning. under partly cloudy skies, no rain threat tomorrow. 7:00, patchy fog, extra high
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clouds to the forecast for monday starts out dry, we thicken the cloud cover, look at what is behind, the next system on board, more rain clouds in the five day forecast will talk more about that coming up in a little bit. a vacaville man and his daughter speak out about an unpleasant incident that experienced at their local starbucks. he placed an order for his daughter and himself on monday. he told the barista his name was john. when the drink was ready, the name called out was chatting. -- chang. >> i stormed out, from there, i can't believe this. >> when i went to school, i started to think about it, how up ? >> the retired air force veteran believe the name on the ticket was change based on his appearance. he received an apology from the
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district manager for starbucks is can but -- conducting an investigation. the employee in question is not scheduled to work pending the findings of the investigation. stomach service workers in the bay area are striking, negotiations ongoing this week and marriott workers in san francisco holding firm on their work stoppage on money and working conditions. >> we want to make sure we can survive. one income option should be enough in this town. ♪
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♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ 59 days into the marriott workers strike in san francisco and still no deal despite the major hotel chain agreeing on new contract terms with employees and other cities across the >> reporter: longtime marriott employees -- >> 29 years. >> 31 years. >> we will be out here rain or shine, smog, whatever it takes.
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we are going to fight and be strong about this. >> reporter: employees in cities including san jose and oakland ended their strikes after successful contract negotiations. in san francisco, it's been 59 days and the company and those picketing have not agreed on a deal. >> i don't know why this marriott does not want to sign, i don't know what they want. >> reporter: their demands include job security, better benefits and increase in wages paid contract negotiations underway according to employees on the ticket line. >> marriott became the big fish that swallowed up the other hotels. we are looking to make sure we can survive, one job should be >> reporter: we reached out to francisco strike. a spokesperson cannot go into detail about the issue but said we remain committed to negotiating in good faith to reach a fair contract in san francisco for all parties. we continue the best place to resolve these issues is at the
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bargaining table. the sheriff's department looks for information about a man found dead in richmond. deputies found a man shot to get -- to death in his car around 6:25 pm last night. they have not release the man's identity. if you know about the shooting, you're asked to count ups of contact the sheriff's office. funeral services help for this 21-year-old that was shot and killed by police at a mall on thanksgiving night. they mistook him for the gun in the open fire inside the river chase gallery in the city of hoover. police later stated, while bradford junior had a gun, he was not the person ies gathered auditorium in birmingham to pay their final respects. during the service, bradford -- bradford's father said his son will be a hero.
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>> he's not gone, he's in a place where we will check-in together with them. >> there's a brighter side somewhere. we must turn this tragedy into triumph some kind of way. >> reporter: 20-year-old erron brown arrested thursday in connection with the shooting thursday night. he is expected to be extradited to georgia on a $150,000 bond. protesters and police officers faced off a third straight weekend in france. donning yellow jackets, they took to the streets of paris in a show of oppoestate resident m is out of touch -- e manwell mccrone is out of touch. dozens of people arrested and taken into custody. could kamala harris run for
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president? when the senator will announce if she decides to make a run for the white house. still to come, looking back at the legacy of george hw bush and his contributions to the united states foreign policy. closed captioning for the 10:00 new is brought to you by mancini's sleep world. enjoy big savings during the adjustable mattress sale. visit sleep man: what does it mean to be truly great? it's following your passion to the very top, and setting a standard by which all who follow, will be measured.
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with the passing of george h.w. bush at the age of 94 with the passing of george h.w. bush at the age of 94, they remember him. >> the 41st president played a part in mentally -- many international feats and during the cold war in shutting down the apartheid government. >> reporter: his arrival at 1600 pennsylvania avenue with the breadth and depth of
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foreign policy, national security experience that george h.w. bush brought to the presidency early on, he ousted the strong arm jeopardizing freedom around the world. he got rid of saddam hussein within his first two years. >> a new breeze is blowing, a world refreshed by freedom seems report for if in man's heart, if not in fact the day of the dictator is over. >> reporter: when his term commenced in 1989 an the soviet union rivaled the u.s. for supers star status, the cold war in swing, the berlin wall divided east from west. when ended four years later, the world order rearranged, something bush recognized before it manifested itself. he helped move the free world forward through transition. >> the biggest thing that happened in the world in my life, our lives is this, by the grace of god, america won the cold war. >> reporter: his foreign policy challenges spread across the
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world, he worked with the african national congress led by nelson mandela after apartheid was shattered. he had a relationship with china, anti-communist protesters went out on the square. his most formidable overseas challenge came when he faced the decision point of whether to leave -- lead the country into war. >> five months ago, saddam hussein started this war against kuwait. tonight, the battle has been joined. >> reporter: he put together one of the most successful military coalitions of the 21st nations 30 nations backed by that expunged saddam from kuwait within 100 hours. jillian turner in washington with fox news. >> george h.w. bush. a photograph of the former president projected on the kuwait towers. they mentioned
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bush was the leader of the coalition. kuwait expressed their gratitude to the late president for backing them. president trump wrapping up the second final day at the g 20 summit in argentina. he had a chance to meet with china's president. the leaders hammered out a 90 day cease-fire in the trade dispute. during the summit, president trump canceled a press conference he said was out of respect for the family of former president george h.w. bush. to support the paris accord, the u.s. was the only holdout. he exchanged pleasantries with the saudi brown -- crown prince who is believed to be responsible for the murder of
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jamal kashoggi. the meeting with kim jong-un will likely take place in january or february. he told reporters upon air force one on the return from argentina, three sites for the meeting are being considered now. he and the dictator have a good relationship this will be the second meeting between tim -- trump and the north korean leader. u.s. senator kamala harris plans to announce if she is running for president sometime in the next month. harris made the announcement today during a know your value conference in san francisco. over the past year, speculation has been mounting harris would hurl -- throw her hat in the ring to becoserious decision that will be ma they started at the church on 100 avenue in east oakland to the cathedral of christ al jour lady , the title of
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the blessed virgin mary and includes floats and musicians. some of those in attendance danced in costumes. a 10-year-old boy partnered with paradise and butte county to help distribute donated toys for young victims of the campfire. we have been following him the last four years. every year, over those four years, he has held a toy drive to help less fortunate children in his home town of vallejo. this year, he's hard at work again, expanding his efforts to include children impacted by the campfire. >> because i've heard the fire has burned down their and all their stuff, i wanted to give them a lot of toys, the kids have families, i will give toys to them and the homeless too. >> today's toy drive was held at java jax on sonoma boulevard in vallejo. a festival of lights on the estuary put the holiday tradition takes place on the
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water. in whether, -- weather, the rain clouds have moved up. it is a break on the sunday forecast. we have more rain coming up on the five-day outlook.
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we have clear to partly cloudy skies. we check on cool numbers for the 10:00 hour, santa rosa 52, san jose 50 and livermore reporting 44 degrees. looking toward the bay bridge toward san francisco, no fog to speak of, a few scattered high clouds, tomorrow will be a nice sunday across the bay area, you want to bring a jacket and a
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sweater, you will need it. temperatures in sentences so close to 50 degrees, afternoon high approaching mid-50s with the breeze, winds topping 20, maybe 25 miles an hour. it is a dry weather pattern monday. tuesday, the next system developing to give you a reference point, the hawaiian islands and i next system approaching. monday night, we have a chance of scattered rain showers. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, increasing clouds on monday and rain developed as we head toward tuesday and it looks like the cooler part of the system stick around until wednesday, it keeps the showers going into the midweek forecast. the protections with the rainfall not going extreme, we are talking about a half an inch to over an inch. these numbers might go up, we will watch foupdates the next few days. it is going to be 1/4 of an inch for most areas, moderate to heavy rainfall by tuesday into wednesday. tomorrow morning, 7:00 sunday,
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areas of fog toward the center valley, watch out for that. skies with the sun and clouds mix and adding extra clouds to the mix by 4 pm tomorrow afternoon. monday, increasing clouds. monday morning going back to work and school looks okay. we thicken up thick cloud cover through the afternoon hours. by the evening, there's a chance of a few rain showers. the best chance toward mendocino county. tuesday, rain bands coming on board, watch for the off-and-on rainfall into tuesday. y. the forecast tides tomorrow on the cool simost areashad temperatures in the 60s to the 80s and 90s. very narrow temperature range for the bay area on sunday. looking ahead to the five-day forecast, thicken up thick cloud cover monday, more rain called on tuesday and more showers wednesday. there's a chance of a lingering
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shower into thursday. we get a break, if you have other plans tomorrow, we look good. get the umbrella tuned up by tuesday. sports are next. championship saturday. the warriors in motor city trying to snap a losing streak with the return of steph curry.
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foxnews sports wrap starts now. good evening, welcome to the saturday night edition of sports wrap the warriors are happy about one aspect of tonight's game in detroit, not
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happy about how the other part of the evening went after 11 games, the warriors were happy to see steph curry back in the lineup he developed his stuff in the first quarter with a behind-the-back pass to klay thompson, he turned it into a tough 2 inside. kevin durant had 28. damien jones has the jam. the warriors trailed bite 8 at halftime. the warriors turn it over, the pistons steal the inbound pass. the pistons put six players in double figures. the warriors made a couple runs in the second half, curry with he had three of nine beyond the arc for the pistons killed the warriors momentum in the final seconds johnson with a three to beat the buzzer. the pistons lead, they did not open the door in the 4th quarter. blake griffin can score inside, and three point range, he made a pair of threes on the way to
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his 26 point game. the pistons and warriors, 6th straight loss on the road, 111- 102. it is onto atlanta for the warriors on monday. a different backdrop for today's 121st big game between cal and stanford because of the smoke in the skies two weeks ago, the game was postponed until the day after the pac-12 championship game. they played for the acts and pride, something stanford has owned eight straight years. it was largely a defensive battle, stanford scored the only points in the first quarter. that is a 46 yard play, 10-0 stanford. the bears got on the board in the second quarter, 10 minus three. patrick breaks loose, he goes 62 yards before he's run out of bounds at th


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